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Our Vision

Rainbows and Butterflies Mobile Phlebotomy is committed to being the most trusted provider of mobile phlebotomy. At the comfort of your own home. These services are convenient and private with the flexibility to fit your schedule. All blood work requires a requisition by a physician.

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Our Services

Rainbows and Butterflies Mobile Services is dedicated to providing top-notch care.

Blood Work Services for all ages from Pediatric to Geriatric.

Stat Orders

Time Draws

Blood Cultures


Lab Kits

Fasting and non fasting


Stool Collection

On -Call Services for Medical Practices

Blood work for Life Insurance policies as well as a Blood Pressure, Measurements, and weight.

Every patient deserves

to have expert venipuncture service.

It's our mission to make it accessible to all.

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About Rainbows and butterfrlies

Rainbows and Butterflies is a private provider of non-reimbursed phlebotomy services to patients who would like the convenience of booking, paying, and receiving phlebotomy services at home. Our service provides a a convenience that health insurance doesn't cover. Please note that Rainbows and Butterflies is unable to provide you with a receipt that contains the basic information generally required by health plans for reimbursement.